The Tenmile Range is a mountain range in central Colorado which is an extension of the Mosquito Range located just east of Leadville. The two ranges are effectively the same range. They are split only by the Continental Divide and name. The Tenmile Range is on the north side of the divide, and the Mosquito on the south. The range is often referred to as the Tenmile-Mosquito Range.

The Tenmile name comes from the ten numbered peaks of the range, which measure approximately 10 miles in length though the entire range is greater in distance. The lower slopes of Peaks 6-10 comprise the ski resort of Breckenridge.

The Mosquito range takes its name from a serendipitous moment in history. In an area prone to abundant mosquitos, where even the horses of early settlers had to be covered in blankets to protect them from the clouds of mosquitos, Judge Wilbur F. Stone created a mining company. Hall’s History of Colorado tells the story of Judge Stone initially leaving the name of his mining company blank on the incorporation papers. The next night when meeting with others to sign the papers, the question of what to name the company was asked. It is told that at that moment a mosquito landed on the blank space left for the name and Stone seeing this, said they should name it the “Mosquito Mining Company.” It’s likely the range took it’s name from the mine which was a common custom in those days.

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